East Valley Dental – What Are Same Day Dental Implants?

One of the main features that we have that impacts our self-esteem is our smile. When a person is happy with their teeth, they confidently show them with a grin. Who can resist smiling back? The end result is more positivity throughout the day.


But when you’re trying to hide gaps made by missing or decayed teeth, you lose out on this confidence-gaining interaction. Your self-esteem takes a hit because you are busy trying to cover up what you see as flaws in your smile.


A permanent solution to this problem is to get dental implants. But the process of receiving traditional implants can take months to complete. 


That’s where same day dental implants come in. They’re a quick fix to what used to be a complicated, extensive procedure.


How can dental implants be done in one day? The answer is easy when you work with East Valley Dental’s expert staff.


One day dental implants are a newer (but not brand-new) technique in dentistry. Dentists must become trained in this innovative method. Then, they have to invest in state-of-the-art equipment for their office. 


At East Valley Dental, we’re glad to be able to offer this procedure to the patients that qualify for it. But, as with any surgical intervention, it’s not for everyone.


Interested in seeing if same day implants are a solution for you? Read on to find out everything you need to know about these marvels of dental technology!

Understanding One Day Dental Implants Vs. Traditional Implants

The difference between the two types of implants is easily understood once you know the steps in a traditional procedure. 


In general, there are three main parts to obtaining dental implants. First, you must have the surrounding or damaged teeth removed so the implant can be placed. With this extraction process, the body has to heal before the implant can be inserted into the jawline.


The extraction process can take weeks before your body is recovered, or immediate dental implants can be placed after the tooth is pulled. This depends on your specific oral health situation and whether your dentist thinks your body can handle the osseointegration process yet.


‘Osseointegration’ is the professional term for the way your jawbone fuses to the new ‘intruder’ you’ve had placed. Once the jawbone and implant have fused together completely, the final process is to have the crown placed.


Crowns are the visible part of the implant that replaces your actual tooth. You can have temporary crowns placed during the osseointegration process. But your custom crowns are permanently adhered to the implant at the last step.


However, with full dental implants in one day, the tooth extraction and implant are performed on the same day. Three procedures that are usually distinctly separate are combined into one office visit. 


Before you leave, you’ll have your new crowns adhered to the implants and ready to act like your natural teeth after your body has healed.


Denture implants in one day have less recovery time as the body gets used to the implants. Because of this, there’s less chance of infection or complications.

Pros and Cons of Same Day Implants

While same day implants are a newer method of replacing teeth, the idea itself has been around for millennia. Ancient civilizations like the Mayans used some form of dental implants thousand of years ago. 


We’ve made significant strides in the field of dentistry since then. In the 1950s, the traditional implant we use today was first recorded. Today, the safety and efficiency of implants are top-of-the-line.


Dental implants in one day and traditional implants both have their advantages and disadvantages. To determine which method is best for you, you should understand the pros and cons, like:


  • With both methods, the dentist will insert a screw-shaped dental implant post made from titanium alloy into the jawbone. Bone loss is a minor risk that could occur in the implant area. This risk increases slightly with same day implants.

  • Traditional implants result in a complete osseointegration process before your permanent teeth are placed. One day dental implants are completed, including the final crown, on the day of the procedure. Osseointegration occurs afterward, so you must have a follow-up to make sure your body is accepting the implants.

  • With each of these methods, the patient must have a healthy amount of jaw bone in order to handle the implant. If you don’t, it’s possible that a bone graft might help. 

  • Traditional and same day implants that are well taken care of can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. Jaw bone deterioration can shift the implant, though, resulting in the need for your dentist to adjust them over time.

  • Traditional and same day dental implants cost different rates depending on the individual person’s oral health needs. However, the rate is often comparable for the same day teeth cost as the traditional implants. This is because there is more time in the dentist’s chair at first, but less overall with dental implants in a day.


Occasionally, the decision comes down to which type of implant is covered by your insurance. In most policies, implants are considered cosmetic and are excluded. However, if your policy does pay for part or all of your implants, make sure you choose the type that they allow.

Can Dental Implants Be Done in One Day for You?

Same day dental implants may sound like the magic fix for your dental needs, but there are a few things to consider about your health first.


These implants take three treatments and combine them into one surgery. In a way, it’s easier on your body because there’s less recovery time. But at first, this thorough procedure can be hard to handle. 


There’s typically more swelling and discomfort after this surgery than there is with traditional implants. You have to be in good enough health overall to be approved for a same day denture surgery.


If you’re a smoker, you’ll need to quit before you can have this procedure to avoid complications.  Factors like autoimmune diseases and advanced gum disease can keep you from having same day implants. Certain health conditions have to be medically approved before the procedure.


Schedule a consultation at East Valley Dental to see if your medical and oral health is sufficient enough to handle dental implants in a day. 


Our friendly experts are available and happy to answer your questions. We’ll work with you and your medical provider, if necessary, to see how we can get your healthy smile back!



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