East Valley Dental – What to Expect During a Teeth Whitening Session

In the past decade, more people have become comfortable with using tooth whitening products than ever before. In fact, it’s projected that by 2024, over 300 million people will have used some sort of whitener in their lifetime.


Although over-the-counter products have come a long way, the safest method is still a professional whitening service. Every whitener has an active ingredient in it like hydrogen peroxide, and putting chemicals in your body always has to be done carefully.


Some OTC whiteners are made from inferior ingredients. Others are so low-strength that they have to be used many times to be effective. As soon as you stop using them, their effects wear off.


But the professional-strength, high-grade treatments at East Valley Dental give you optimal results in minimal time. Our state-of-the-art equipment and top whitening products mean you get to enjoy the benefits of a whiter smile without any muss or fuss!


Our whitening sessions are simple and painless. From start to finish, here’s what you can expect.


Before Your Whitening Treatment

Many people schedule professional whitening services because they have a big event on the horizon, like a wedding. If your time is limited and you need whiter teeth fast, heading the dentist’s office is definitely the best choice!


But you need to be aware that you can’t have a whitening treatment without a checkup visit, first. This step is essential for your safety and comfort. While the bleaching agents used in our office are safe, they can still aggravate any problems that are going on in your mouth.


Using a whitening product when you have a cavity, for instance, is probably going to be painful. The bleach will get in that opening and work its way to the nerve of your tooth. We’ll check for signs of cavities, cracks, and chips, or gum problems that you might not know are there and get them fixed quickly!


Without professional guidance, using a whitening product wrong could result in damage to your enamel or your gums. But with a checkup and a fast correction of any issues, you can be on your way to an appointment for whiter teeth the safe way.

The Big Day: What to Expect at Your Whitening Appointment

On average, our whitening treatments take about one hour from start to finish. Depending on your schedule, you might decide to eat before your visit. That’s fine as long as you’re done at least thirty minutes before your appointment.


When you eat, the digestive processes in your body soften the enamel in your teeth. It needs to be hard when we go to apply the whitening agent. Half an hour gives your body plenty of time to get the enamel back to normal.


Besides this important step and brushing like normal, there isn’t much else to remember! 

How the Whitening Treatment Works

Once you get to the office and get checked in, the rest of the appointment will look something like this:

  • Step One: Before the whitening part starts, your teeth need to be completely clean of any tartar or plaque buildup. To do this, the hygienist will give you a professional cleaning, even if you’ve had one recently. The cleaner the surface of your teeth is, the better the results will be!

  • Step Two: Next up is preparing your mouth for the bleaching agent. The tissues in and around your mouth, from your lips to your cheeks, are sensitive. The bleach won’t hurt them, but it could make them sensitive. To be safe, we’ll use a retractor to prevent your lips and cheeks from contacting any chemicals. 

  • Step Three: No matter what product you use, it’s going to spread over the gum line. Your gums are very delicate and the bleaching agent could irritate them. But we’ll spread a layer of gel over them to protect them from any stray whitener.

  • Step Four: Now for the fun part! The whitening agent is applied to your teeth, where it starts to work its magic. The layer of your enamel that it interacts with is called dentin. This layer is full of porous material that the whitener opens up widely, then enters. Once it’s there, it absorbs into the dentin and lightens its color.

It’s an easy process, but it has to be done carefully. When the bleach is in contact with your enamel for too long, it can cause short- or long-term damage to your teeth or gums. 

However, at East Valley Dental, we put your safety first. Our technique includes the use of a special light that limits the time the chemicals are in your mouth. The light speeds up the whitening agent’s absorption into the dentin.

With this method, it takes less time to get optimal results. While everyone’s teeth are different, you might notice a major change after just one treatment!

After Your Appointment

The enjoyment you get from your newly white smile is addicting. You’ll want to keep it pearly white as long as you can!

There are a few things you can do to maximize how long your teeth will stay white. They didn’t become stained overnight, and they can gradually discolor again if you aren’t careful.

Your dentist will talk to you about your aftercare diet. The first 48 hours after your treatment are essential. The pores in your dentin are still open, making it easy for foods and drinks that stain to mess up the whitening service results.

After two days, you’ll be good to go back to your normal routine. Practice good oral hygiene habits, brushing and flossing at least twice a day. 

Be sure to schedule regular follow-up visits to prevent plaque and tartar buildup and catch any problems early. These small steps will help you keep your bright smile as long as possible. If you do notice any gradual changes, you can always come in for a touchup treatment!

Ready to get started and see what life is like with a smile you are proud of? Contact East Valley Dental today and our friendly staff will schedule your next visit



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